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How to claim compensation for domestic violence or abuse in the UK

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (known as the CICA) administer a compensation scheme for blameless victims of crime in the UK. If your case fits their criteria then you may be entitled to compensation following a domestic violent assault. Compensation can be claimed for both physical and mental injury but there are strict rules that apply to the scheme.

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In order to make a domestic violence claim you must:

  • Report the matter to the police as soon as practicable or in other words as soon as you can
  • Cooperate fully with any police investigation against the abuser
  • Have a medical record of the injuries or any psychological harm caused – this is a crucial issue as compensation is based on harm caused not the fact that a crime occurred

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What is “Domestic Violence”

This is the term used to describe violence or abuse in the home usually committed by a partner, husband, boyfriend or loved one. The term domestic abuse is more commonly used where an act / series of acts relates to bullying or verbal aggression and manipulation. Domestic assaults can also be sexual in nature with many victims being subjected to rape or non-consensual sexual acts. The family as a whole will be dramatically affected by this behaviour. Many victims suffer psychological symptoms and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

When is domestic violence a crime..?

A violent act can be easy to define – put simply if you are injured as a result of an act of aggression by your partner then that would constitute a potential crime. Bullying and other forms of abuse may well come under the same banner but these cases can be more difficult to prove as evidence is not always available.

What to do when you suffer domestic violence

It can be hugely difficult making the decision to tell someone about violence or abuse within a relationship. Even more so when you approach the police or any other organisation. However very often the only way to bring an end to a consistent pattern of violent or abusive behaviour is to reach out and ask for help. Suffering in silence may just lead to more suffering for you and your family. Read our dedicated domestic abuse support page here. Or visit the Womens Aid charity website for hands on support and local resources.

Modern Slavery – trafficking

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FGM Cases

Reports to the police of female genital mutilation otherwise known as FGM are on the increase in the UK. This is mainly due to tougher laws protecting victims (Female Genital Mutilation Act 2003) although much more work has to be done regarding prosecution success rates. It is now a requirement for medical professionals to report signs of female circumcision involving minors under 18 to the authorities. It is possible to pursue compensation for Female Genital Mutilation in certain circumstances via the CICA.

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Your options:

  • Speak to a friend: Be brave and tell a friend or relative about your situation. You need help and understanding, you will not be judged by people who really care you and your family.


  • Seek help from a charity: There are a number of very active and supportive charities who have experienced staff on hand to help you with advice and if needed, intervention. This could involve moving into a refuge or similar “safe house”.

Here are just a few charities we would recommend:

Womens Aid & Refuge helplines

Victim Support

NHS domestic abuse support page 

  • Report the matter to the Police: Possibly the toughest step to take and for many the last resort. More below.

SHOULD YOU MAKE A COMPENSATION CLAIM? You may wish to calculate your potential rape victim compensation award to have an understanding of your entitlement.

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Involving the police

Reporting domestic violence to the police

If you have been the victim of a crime then you would ordinarily report the matter to the police without hesitation. This rule very rarely applies to domestic violence. Most victims will put up with a huge amount of abuse or physical pain before making the brave decision to contact the police. This page might be a good place to start – Metropolitan Police advice and resources but good for general advice too.

There is a point at which your personal wellbeing and safety, not to mention the safety of your children, must become your top priority.

So what happens when you report domestic violence to the police?

All police authorities across the UK have dedicated staff to assist victims and their families. Your case will be taken seriously and you will be in safe hands. The support networks that are funded and promoted by the police will ensure that you receive the help you need whilst the criminal acts are investigated.

You will not be turned away. You will not have to deal with uncaring or unwilling professionals. You will be looked after and safeguarded. If the crimes are serious enough, your partner may be charged. Prosecutions are now very common and you will need to cooperate where possible.


For those who suffer injury or harm in a criminal act abroad we can also advise you on your right to obtain redress.